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No one on the planet has fucked more women than me. It's a fact.

Hef is close, Wilt Chamberlain came close and so did Gene Simmons, but no one has fucked more than me. I know how to make my dick big, how to keep it hard and how to bust huge nuts. There is a ton of BS in the penis pill market these days - but I am setting the record straight and will tell you exactly how to make your dick huge. Pay attention and don't take too many pills or your dick will get too big and most chicks won't be able to handle it. Anything longer than 11" inches is too big - so use this information carefully.

Say goodbye to your small, thin, ordinary penis .. Now you can get HUGE! Science has changed everything and getting a big thick massive dick is now something you can do without getting risky penis surgery. Pills work - that's why there are so many out there on the market. But most are shit. Here are my top 5 pills. On my full website I review over 150 pills - these are the best. But be careful and don't exceed the recommend dosage - they are stronger than ever - so follow directions - and get a big fucking dick and go pound all the pussy you can! These top 5 are all great.


They ought to call this pill “Big Dick in A Bottle” because that is what it REALLY is. You take this stuff and you end up with a big dick – it’s that simple. In all my years in the adult business and having tried hundreds of pills this is the best one I have ever taken. Not only does it make my dick huge – and I mean veins popping out, helmet swelled like a tennis ball, the length longer than ever, the width looks like the end of a baseball bat, it’s hard as lead pipe – but it also makes me have the biggest orgasms of my life. Check out some of the films I have done lately all over the Internet and you will see my loads look like the top of a Boston creme pie! Tons of jizz!!

The brains behind this super pill is no stranger to scientific breakthroughs. Penatropin was created Dr. Wichai Cherdshewasart, who was awarded a United States Patent (6,737,333) for a process for extracting the herb Butea Superba - (the key ingredient in the formula) to a potency level so powerful it can transform a man's penis size and power. His study was published on the governments website - This guy is such a masterful pill formulator he could give a dead guy a boner!

Legendary "Doctor to The Stars" Dr. Wichai Cherdshewasart formulated Penatropin. He is one of the world's leading herbal researchers and has been he porn star "Potion Guru" for many years. He has created a phenomenon that is sweeping the country.

Dr. Cherdshewasart is literally a genius. In fact the King of Thialand appointed him to his private medical council and he also won the prestigious science award The Taguchai Prize. His primay area of focus - the study of natural compound to enhance sexual performance. He has been one of the adult biz’s “little hidden secrets” for years. He has been creating pills for porn stars that will keep them hard for hours and make them bigger. I can’t tell you how many times his special “private label” concoctions bailed me out and helped me perform. But this product, is the first time ever he has created a pill for the public – and it is not just popular in the adult business – it’s a phenomenon. In addition to me tons of the top male porn stars are taking it including: Rocco Siffred, Haken Serbes, Brian Pumper, Tommy Gunn, Peter North, Evan Stone,Dale Dabone, Scott Nails, Nick Prescott, Gianni, Paddy O’Brian, Jack Vegas, Lee Bang, Evan Seinfeld – the list goes on and on (see some of the photos). It’s like legal steroids for your dick – that’s how good it is- and it works fast!

Any negatives? This stuff sounds great so there has to be a catch right? Not really, but there are a few things you need to know. First, is the fact that you have to take Penatropin on an empty stomach. No way around it. Your stomach has to be empty for at least 2 hours. So you either have to take them first thing in the morning or very late at night after you haven’t eaten any food for a few hours. If you take them with food it’s a total waste – it won’t do anything. Also it can get expensive if they are low on inventory. I have seen bottles selling on eBay for $50 above the Suggested Retail Price of $39 because the company has been running out of supplies every often since demand has exploded. They claim they are caught up with the demand, but I have seen prices go up and down.

Finally, guys can really get bigger, harder, stronger, recover faster and experience a sensation of pleasure they have never known! Their website is, it’s in select GNC stores, but not all of them, and it’s on eBay andAmazon but the prices can be high there. I am trying to work out a deal with the company to sell here on SexPillGuru, but have not been able to do it yet (but I’m working on it). Normally I call my top product each year “My Product of The Year” but I am changing that – Penatropin is My Product of the Decade!! That’s how great it is! I stake my personal reputation on the line when I say you will absolutely love this pill –it’s the best I have ever tried. If you have ever wanted to try a male enhancement pill - this is the one to try. You can get Penatropin directly from the company at or by calling them directly at 1-800-814-8239.

Grade A+



Longinexx - Finishing in second place is this outstanding product from Dartford Kent Laboratories of London, England. I was first exposed to this product in 2009 when I was doing a show in Amsterdam and the Spanish porn star Nacho Vidalturned me on to it. Everyone in the adult business in Europe was talking about it – and for good reason – this stuff is top notch! It is well designed and it’s very impressive the way it pumps your penis up, and makes it harder. This intelligently engineered product works better than any other product in the world right now other than Penatropin, and it’s not too far behind! If Penatropin is Michael Jordan, then Longinexx is Scotty Pippen.

The only real negative about the product is the odor. When you open the bottle the capsules have an odd aroma. They smell strong and pungent. The ingredients are extracted at such a high degree it creates a powerful odor. Not exactly the most pleasant smelling stuff in the world. But it’s a small inconvenience for the results it delivers. But, be warned – they smell kind of weird – so keep the lid sealed.

It’s my choice as the “best of the rest” behind Penatropin, and can certainly do a great job making your penis bigger and giving you more powerful erections – hard as a lead pipe! The cost is middle of the road with a one-month supply costing about $49 - $59 depending upon the time of the year when you order. They are known to have sales around the holidays and other times throughout the year and the price dips – but expect to pay about $50 a bottle. But it’s worth it. Remember, like I tell guys all the time – don’t think of how much these pills cost, (unless it’s a real financial hardship for you – if it is skip them) think of what it will do to your penis. It is very hard to put a price on what a bigger penis will add to your life. Say you get three months of Longinexx for about $150 – that’s a nice dinner with a hot chick – not too big a deal in the grand scheme of things. But it’s an excellent product I enjoyed using and saw great results – bigger, harder, and just felt better. Really worked great.

It’s available at their website or on Amazon, on eBay, at select GNC stores -not all of them but it seems like about half – the ones that are owned by franchises and not the GNC corporate stores. It’s also in all theHustler Stores, Romantix Adult Boutiques, and Castle Mega Stores. Or you can get it over the phone by calling them directly at 1-800-799-6384.

Grade A-


Vaso Ultra

This top quality superbly engineered capsule from Research and Applied Science Labs (RAS Labs) makes the Big Three! This dynamic formulation combines a highly effective Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris, standardized for a whopping potency level of 80% protodioscin, in combination with pharmaceutical grade L-Arginine and L-Citrulline to produce maximum nitric oxide production. The result is a great pill that makes your dick bigger and harder.

I remember Evan Stone was the first guy to tell me about this pill. Evan has so much energy and sometimes does four and even five different fuck scenes a day, and told me he was taking Vaso Ultra and he was busting nuts all day long no problem. That was all I needed to hear and that’s when I checked out and – BAM! – This stuff was the real deal. I started taking it and after about two weeks my dick was massive – I mean really massive. The thing that struck me the most was how the veins were like so swollen in my dick – it looked like a road map they were popping out so much. I thought my dick was going to burst. It was and IS a really great pill.

While Penatropin is clearly king of the hill and has earned the right to be called the best pill (I think ever), Vaso Ultra might just be the best product when it comes to recovery time. Men seem to be able to have sex, and then be ready again more quickly with Vaso Ultra than any other product. It’s like … take some Vaso Ultra – fuck, bust a nut, fuck again, bust another nut, fuck again, bust another nut and fuck again. It must have some 5 Hour Dick Energy in it because it helps you go and go.

A few of the things I think could be changed about Vaso Ultra – the price. It’s expensive at $69.95 bottle. Most pills are priced around $39 - $49 for a one-month supply, so $69.95 is on the steep side of things. Other top products can make and sell their pills for like $20 less a bottle – so I’m sure these guys could too. I think they spend too much money on their marketing and fancy videos and pass that cost along to the consumer. I also don’t like the fact that the formula they sell in the international market has very different ingredients than the one they sell in the United States, yet they still call it Vaso Ultra.

In summary, Vaso Ultra is a superbly-engineered male enhancement formula based on sound scientific principles and delivery technology that works wonders. You can get Vaso Ultra all over the place- Amazon, eBay, GNC franchisees,Vitamin Depot and in many adult novelty stores around the USA. And you can get it direct from the company at or by calling them directly at 1-800-803-0479.


What in the world is a muscle building product doing as the number four rated “Get Bigger” male enhancement pill? It’s all about the science. This product is not sold as a male enhancement pill, but its “off-label” reputation is a potent vasodilator that can make your dick as hard as Chinese algebra! I have left no stone unturned in seeking out the world’s top sex pills, and just because a product isn’t thought of as a “traditional” male enhancement pill, if it works – we are investigating it, trying it, evaluating it and reporting the truth! This pill falls into that category. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals introduced Dianabol as a natural steroidal anabolic agent designed to increase muscle mass through a delivery system that focuses on vasodilatation and capillary expansion. Dianabol contains a powerful combination of precision herbal extracts that trigger your body to build muscle and lose fat. Dianabol's main purpose is to keep acquired muscle protein within the muscles, so that you maintain a state of overall anabolism when normal protein breakdown occurs. Dianabol inhibits or blocks signals and keeps your hard earned muscles intact.

But much like many pharmaceutical products that are prescribed for conditions other than what they are approved for – Dianabol is also very good at increasing the size of your pecker. Hi Tech uses such top notch ingredients in all their products (they have the top selling diet pill in the USA – Fastin – and it works great and is in all the big stores – Wal-Mart, CVS, GNC, Rite Aide, etc) and Dianabol is no exception.

Dianabol, is well designed and can make you much bigger than you are right now. It has a number of pharmaceutical industry grade delivery techniques in place that make it extremely effective. Clearly one of the top male enhancement products on the market. It’s funny to think that most stores carry Magna Rx, Enzyte and Extenze – yet in the next aisle, not marketed as a male enhancement product, but as a muscle builder, is a pill that blows all three of them out of the water! Crazy! Still not in the same discussion as Penatropin, but is not too many steps behind Vaso Ultra and Longinexx.

You can get Dianabol at, eBay, Amazon, at many independent health food stores across the country. You can also buy it direct from Hi-Tech at or call them directly at 1-888-855-7919.

Grade B+


Xantho-Rx - Pronounced Zan-Tho, was the talk of the porno industry about five years ago. Tons of guys used it when it was the “hot” pill at the time. Not anymore. The formula has never changed, and there are newer better products on the market that are far better than Xantho Rx. That being said – it’s still a damn good pill!! Considering all the crap on the market and the fact that since Xantho Rx was first introduced back in 2008 there have probably been 50 or so new products that have come and gone and only a few of them are better than Xantho Rx, I’d say that’s a pretty good record.

There is no question Xantho Rx was engineered upon cutting-edge scientific and published clinical data that has resulted in it being one of the top 5 products in this category. Remember, in a get bigger pill we are looking for a pill that is going to first and foremost make your dick bigger. That is number 1. There are plenty of pills that can make you harder, and make you jizz more, and let you recover more, or act as an alternative to Viagra, but to be a top “Get Bigger” pill – you have to move the tape measure as we say. Xantho 5x can move the tape measure better than just about all the products on the market – but has fallen out of running for best pill. Hopefully, Size Bionics can make some improvements to their formula and come out with a newer stronger version of the pill and challenge for the top spot again. They are a great company, the price has never been above $40 a month – even when they were the number one pill on the market and they could have easily gotten $60 a bottle – they always kept their prices reasonable.

Survey responses shows they have a loyal following of customers that still take Xantho Rx regularly. Many have tried to knock them off, and there was a scam a few years ago with counterfeit Xantho RX, but it only lasted about 9 months.

Company studies show men experience best results when on the Xantho Rx program for three months. A very high percentage of survey responses also note much harder erections with these pills. You can get Xantho Rx at most adult stores around the country as well as at some health food stores. Don’t look for it in the big chains. You can get it on Amazon, e-Bay, and on the company’s website

Grade B+


Okay guys here is one weird fact that a doctor friend of mine told me, that will help you make your dick bigger, FASTER! It involves a simple little glass of grapefruit juice. Here is the deal – when you take pills to make your dick bigger – I don’t care which one you take this trick works with all of them – take it with a glass of grapefruit juice.

Here is what the doctor told me and I swear it works great:

There are hundreds of chemicals in grapefruit juice. It’s a great source of vitamin C, potassium, and fiber and is very good for you. But the key thing is that it can increase the absorption of your pills and make them up to 50% more effective. What it does it binds to an enzyme in your intestinal track known as CYP3A4, which reduces the absorption of certain medications and supplements. So when the grapefruit juice blocks the enzyme, it’s easier for the ingredients in the pill to pass from your gut to your bloodstream and you absorb more of the active ingredients - the ingredients designed to make your dick bigger or harder.

It doesn’t take much grapefruit juice to boost the levels. A single small glass of like 5 ounces can produce a 47% reduction of the intestinal enzyme that regulates absorption. And because the effect of the juice wears off slowly, a third of its impact is still evident after 24 hours. What all this means is that more of the important ingredients in the top pills are absorbed better and you get more of an impact. It will help your dick get bigger a lot faster. It might sound weird – but it's rock solid science and it works! So when you take your pills – take them with grapefruit juice!!

With so much money at stake you simply can’t trust the current crop of marketers selling sexual supplements. Competition is fierce and many companies try and make money by short-changing consumers on the ingredients. They know it costs over $2,000 to have a product properly analyzed in a laboratory to determine exactly what it contains, and no consumer is going to do that. No health food store is even going to do that. But I DID IT!

The only way to really tell what a product contains is to test it. As I like to say LAB REPORTS DON’T LIE! It is the only way we can provide you with unbiased clinical evidence of which product failed or passed and to what degree. You can also find out if a product is secretly laced with drugs – and many of them actually are! So a lab test is vital. See my full site for all the labe reports. Below are two example of lab report:

With Penatropin we tested for the level of Butea Superba in the product. The label claims to have 400mg of Butea Superba in each serving. Each serving is two capsules, so that would be 200mg in each capsule. Several bottles were tested and they averaged out to contain between 202mg to 210mg of Butea Superba in each capsule. Being slightly above label claims is very common with many of the top products. This is an excellent lab score and shows that what they say is in the product is exactly what is in the product. We also tested it for any analogues of the common E.D. pharmaceutical drugs and none where detected.

Find out more about penatropin by visiting their website or by calling1-800-814-8239

My current top rated Viagra Alternative, passed the lab test without a hitch. Whenever a product claims to work in under one hour – and actually does work in under one hour – we have to check to make sure it’s not secretly loaded with Viagra (Sildenafil) Levitra (Vardenafil) or Cialis (Tadalafil).This product came up clean, and contains no illegal drugs. It's been in Wal-Mart for over 7 years - so you know its clean.For more information Click Here to read the Zyrexin write up in our “Pill Ratings Section”.Available at Wal-Mart, CVS, Rite Aide, and at their website at or you can call them directly at 1-800-301-4027.

Q: What do you think about buying Viagra and Cialis online?

A: It’s risky. In fact it’s very risky. Here’s why. Many of the websites offering to sell Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are not operated by pharmacies or legitimate medical outfits. Most, if not ALL of them, are run by outlaws residing in Costa Rica or Belize or some other country trying to avoid law enforcement officials not only in the USA, but also around the world. The way the pills are made is a joke. Out of the 10 packages we got and tested from offshore pharmacies, the pills were a joke. Some were empty, others were just bogus herbal pills, and some were way, way too strong. We tested one batch of Viagra which was found to contain 300mg per pill! That could literally KILL YOU! I would say in the strongest words possible, not to order prescription pills online. It’s way too dangerous.

Q: Yohimbe seems to be widely used in natural sex pills. What is it yohimbe does that makes it so popular in these pills?

A: They are a SCAM!! The single biggest scam in the entire industry. You see all over the free porn sites ,…everywhere you see these BS ads from some “supposed” porn star who doesn’t want to show his face telling you to get some magic pills that will make your dick bigger. It’s total bull. The reason he won’t show his face is because its FAKE – there is no porn star – just some marketing scumbag. Make sure you read my scam section for more. But watch out for the Jack and His Magic Beans Scam and products like Male Formula XL, Black Bull, Hard Knights and the super scam Xanogen from the 4 inches in 4 weeks guys. No question you can get bigger, but 4 inches in 4 weeks is a total SCAM. If you want to get ripped off go with these guys. If you want some truth go with the honest companies – there are some good ones out there- that won’t say 4 inches in 4 weeks – give me a break. Free Trial means BIG SCAM

Q: I feel like a sucker. I have tried Enzyte, Extenze, Magna Rx and Maxoderm, and I still have the same scrawny 4 1/2 inch penis. What should I do?

A: L-Arginine, is a key ingredient in most top-rated products. According to herpes researcher Christopher Kagan, M.D., herpes DNA uses L-arginine to replicate itself and form a virus. So by taking L-arginine, a man with herpes could have an outbreak. If you do not have herpes, you do not have to worry.

Q: If you could choose one product to use which one would you choose?

A: No question the product to go with is Penatropin. I have been so impressed with this product that I named it my Pill of The Decade!! Make sure you read my review. It is the only one backed by human clinical studies and was formulated by the Worlds Leading Herbal Researcher. It has a success rate over 93%. If you can only try one pill - this is the one - it's a Game Changer!

Q: I have tried three different natural sex pills and nothing seems to work? Am I deformed, or what is the story?

A: No, of course you are not deformed. No one pill works for all men. Viagra only has a success rate of 60%, and the same holds true for natural pills. It’s like most things; you must try a variety until you find one that works for you.

Q: What do you think is the biggest breakout product of the last year?

A: My favorite product is Penatropin, because there has never been anything like it in the past. The stuff is LEGIT - totally superior to any other pill we have tested. But pills that make you bigger are not really new. 95% of them don't work, but there have been a few that did work a bit until Penatropin came along and blew everything else away. But all that said, I have to say the most revolutionary product breakthrough has to go to the folks in the Netherlands who developed Dapovar. I mean everyone wants to last longer, and there really hasn't been anything this effective on the market ever. Finally you can take a pill and it lets you last longer! Pretty huge invention because it really works. I'm not trying to take anything away from any of the other products. There are a bunch of good ones and some nice new developments, but let’s face it Dapovar CHANGES EVERYTHING! Think about when Viagra first came out - it was a GAME CHANGER. I feel the same way about Dapovar. So many guys ejaculate too early, but now those days are over. So Dapovar is absolutely the biggest development I have seen.

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