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Number 1 Bottle - SizeGenix


They ought to call this pill "Big Dick in A Bottle" because that is what it REALLY is. You take this stuff and you end up with a big dick - it's that simple. In all my years in porn this is the best one I have ever taken. It used to be available only "underground" to guys in "the biz" but now it's mainstream. It's a sensation. Learn More About SizeGenix
Number 2 Bottle - Longinexx

Butea Superba 528

This pill is the best thing to come out England since the Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin and Ozzy. Awesome formulation produces significant results. Great product. Learn More About Butea Superba 528
Number 3 Bottle - Penatropin


Another fantastic pill that works great. Well made and fast acting. Their delivery system is the key to its success as one of the top 3 pills in the world. Learn More About Penatropin
Number 4 Bottle - Xantho 5X

Xantho 5X

Another game changer. A brilliantly designed pill makes the Top 5 with high quality ingredients and emphasis on increasing testosterone levels. Gives super results! Learn More About Xantho 5X
Number 5 Bottle - Vaso Ultra

Vaso Ultra

With a laser-like focus on expanding the smallest capillaries of your penis chambers has made this formula a winner! Get ready to get BIGGER! Learn More About Vaso Ultra
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Scams Exposed
Mega Sleazy Scam Formula Extreme 41 It's a Bait & Switch credit card scam for this worthless crap of a product. The company behind this crap was exposed on national TV by Dr. Oz. They also bang your credit card over & over for $49 calling it a "replenishment plan." Pills don't work. Read the eye opening report on this MEGA SCAM. Read More
Felons & Thieves king Size Biggest Billing Scam in HISTORY!
They offer a "free trail" of this pill that is supposed to make you last longer.
king Size Crooks from Tampa secretly charge your credit card for $289 after they get your credit card number! Major Fucking Scam! Read. Read More
Fucking Retarted Formula Extreme 41 Massive credit card scam. Uses the fake video "4 Inches in 4 Weeks" to get your credit card number. The pills are dog shit. Read about this sleazy scam. Read More
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